Kumasan Medix Co., Ltd. Taiwan Branch日商美笛軻蘇電子科技股份有限公司 台湾分公司

  • On Novermber 17th 2014, Kumasan Medix Co., Ltd. established and opened a branch in Tainan, Taiwan to be a new foreign baseThe Taiwan branch acts by performing semiconductor manufacturing equipment start-up, maintenance etc., and service engineering roles as a base and is making progress in the localization of engineers.
    With a motto of "Safety, Swiftly", they are steady in their daily work.
    Please expect good things from our Medix Taiwan engineers from here on.
Tel. Number
Uniform Number
Tsuguhisa Shirase
No. of Employees
73 (as of 2/1/2018)
Work Details
Semiconductor manufacturing equipment installation, maintenance, other
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